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The antibacterial property of the extracts of plant parts of Basar-basar was tested by the use of paper disc technique.Samples of plant parts were collected and washed, and soaked in 70 percent Chlorox and extracted. Filter paper discs were prepared and soaked in the extracts and dried. The discs were transferred to the seeded agar plates with bacterial inocula and were incubated for 24 hours:presence of zones of inhibition was recorded. The extracts of the plant parts of Basar-basar were able to inhibit the growth of Vibrio cholerae and Staphylococcus aureus based on the zones of inhibition produced. The leaves were found to be more effective in controlling the growth of the test organisms with significantly larger zone of inhibition produced by the stem. Determination of histochemical properties showed positive for alkaloids and tannins. However, flavonoids and saponins were absent. CONTINUE READING….