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An Investigatory Project Entry to the 2003-2004 Intel-Philippine Science Fair (Intel-PSF)


This study aimed to find out if there is a significant difference between using copper and nickel palladium in the manufacturing of integrated circuits (IC). The test includes the comparison of costs between the two materials, the effectiveness of both materials, and their rate of corrosion. Nickel palladium is being used as frame for IC production instead of copper. The same procedures and tests were performed though some of the procedures were eliminated from the production itself, specifically the tin-plating process that involved several chemical baths, which are very expensive, hazardous to health, and dangerous to the environment. Results show that there is a big difference in the effectiveness of nickel palladium and copper as frames in ICs in terms of conducting property, usage, and lifespan. In addition, nickel palladium is less expensive than copper, which is imported from different manufacturers worldwide. READ MORE…