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Six soil microorganisms were screened for antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus, using the paper disc method. Three isolates (YC 1 C2, BC] C2, and GC1 C2) were taken from the damp grassy area, two (BC2 A2 and WC2 A2) from the compost pit, and one (YGC1 BI) from the lagoon area. DOST broth was used to grow the organisms and produce the antimicrobial substances. Shake flask cultures were grown for eight (8) days at 30°C at 125 revolutions per minute (rpm). Isolate (BC2 A2) exhibited the highest antibiotic activity against S. aureus at an antimicrobial activity index (A 1 ) of 0.143 for the first replicate and 0.286 for the other. Isolate WC2 A2 showed signs of inhibition only on the eight days of incubation with an Al of 0.071. Only isolate BC2 A2 exhibited antibacterial activity throughout the eight days of incubation although this was not shown from the first replicate since earlier samples were contaminated. Among the isolates screened, only two showed inhibitory activities against S. aureus although the two weren’t much better than Penicillium. sp. READ MORE………