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This study was conducted to characterize the use of chromium oxide in metal surface treatment. It also aimed at developing molybdenum as a substitute for chromium.Samples of iron strip .metals were subjected to the process of chemical conversion using chromium oxide solution and molybdenum oxide solution. The solutions were heated at about 55 degrees Celsius (°C) to 65°C, and then the metal strips were immersed on the solution for about 5 minutes to 20 minutes. After cleaning and drying, the metals were viewed under an electron microscope and exposed to humid atmosphere for corrosion test.Lattice structures revealed that the metallic grains of iron using molybdenum were smoother and finer than chromium using the electron microscope. The grain size and appearance of the surface of molybdenum-treated strip exhibits a strong shield against corrosive elements.Results showed that using molybdenum prolongs and strengthens the corrosion resistance of metals when exposed to humid atmosphere. This proves the feasibility of using molybdenum oxide on metal surface treatment. READ MORE…