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Pansit-pansitan(Shinny bush) is a tropical herb characterized by fleshy, erect, and branched stems having a height of not more than 40 centimeters. Found in the tropics, pansit-pansitan is used for various purposes.


This research screens pansit-pansitan (Peperomia pellucida), an herb accepted by the populace as an effective cure for a variety of ailments which, unfortunately was proven to exhibit genetoxicity in the Al I ium Test. As part of the school’s herbal project, this research assessed the plant’s lethal activity using the Brine Shrimp Lethality Bioassay. The testing involved the exposure of Artemia sauna nauplii to different aqueous extract concentrations (10 percent 30 percent, and 50 pecent) of the plant in three serial dilutions. Mortality among nauplii samples was observed for 48 hours in experimental and control groups in three replications, and LC50 value was computed using the Spearman-Karber Method. Significant differences amorm sample observations were determined by employing One-Way Analysis of Variance. Lethal activity of the test plant on the invertebrate model was proven with 9.18 LC50 value and 50 percent extract concentration as the most lethal treatment. This established bioactivity of pansit-pansitan. READ MORE>