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The objective of the project is to design and construct an opaque projector prototype using low-cost and locally available material. The prototype aims to produce an image with a magnification and clarity that is comparable to the commercially available models. The use of locally available materials decrease production costs, making the prototype cheaper than the marketed commercial models. The prototype projector is composed of optical, ventilation, and electrical systems. The optic system is composed of two 500-watt tungsten iodine lamps, used as light sources. A simple magnifying lens, five inches in diameter, is used as the projecting lens. An 8-inch by 12.75-inch aluminum coated plane mirror is used as a reflecting surface. A quarter- inch thick, 8-inch by 11.5-inch glass sheet serves as an object holder. The projector’s ventilation system consists of a 50-watt blower fan and two 4- inch by 8-inch side panels. The cooling mechanism is assisted by the fiberglass lining inside the projector chassis. The electrical circuit system consists of two separate switches for the fan and the light source, which are then connected to a main switch with an automatic safety breaker. The device was able to produce a well- defined image at a magnification range of five to six times at a projection distance of three metres. READ MORE>