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A laboratory study was conducted to determine the presence for parasitism of the parasitic wasp. Trichogramma chiloris (SHI), as an egg parasitoid in reducing the population of two selected lepidopterous insect pests namely: eggplant shootborer Leucinodes orbonalis (Guenel) and tomato fruitworm Helicovelpa armigena (Hubuer). T chiloris was observed to attack the egg stage ofthe pests preventing the emergence of destructive larval stage. The parasitized eggs became visible after the release of the parasitoids. The parasitoids turned black as against the whitish yellow normal eggs. A mean of 71.0% parasitization of the tomato fruitworm eggs by T chiloris while 50.8% parasitization of the eggplant shootborer was obtained. The results indicate that the tomato fruitworm is the preferred host of T. chiloris for parasitism. Thus, we can conclude that T chiloris is a useful biological control agent against the tomato fruitworm. The use of this parasitoid may be compatible with other components of integrated pest management, specifically, cultural control and host plant resistance. READ MORE>