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Jatropha multifida

Jatropha multifida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A study on the effectiveness of Jatropha multifids latex in treating wounds was conducted. White mice were used as test subjects. The test subjects were distributed into three treatment groups, with each group having three test subjects. An incision measuring approximately 1 cm long was made on each test subject. The first group was treated with a leading antiseptic, Betadine, the second group with Jatropha multifida, and the third group, the control group, did not receive any treatment. The wounds were treated and observations were recorded daily. Bacterial counts were also performed on the swab samples taken from the wounds on the first, third and fifth day.
The results of the bacterial count revealed that there was no significant difference between the Jatropha multifida and Betadine in preventing bacterial growth. Qualitative observations of wound size and healing time showed that Jatropha multifida latex is as effective as Betadine in treating wounds. Statistical tests also revealed that the latex can hasten healing of wounds. Read More>