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English: Knapsack Sprayer for Liquid Insecticides.

English: Knapsack Sprayer for Liquid Insecticides. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A female mosquito of the Culicidae fa...

English: A female mosquito of the Culicidae family (Culiseta longiareolata). Size: about 10mm length Location: Lisbon region, Portugal Türkçe: Culiseta longiareolata türü dişi bir sivrisinek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The study aims to provide a quantitative analysis of the various effects of the different insecticides out in the rnarket today. Natural or biological and synthetic insecticides are said to affect not only insects and pests but higher forms of life as well.
Extracts of botanical insecticides were made from common household and garden plants. Samples of the synthetic insecticides were also obtained. Trapping wrigglers (mosquito larvae) ugh*. fine mosquito net was done to Collect and culture mosquitoes. Mice were purchased  Insecticides were then tested on the samples by spraying insecticides on them.
It was found that there is indeed a big difference between botanical and synthetic insecticides. Synthetic insecticides killed all the mosquitoes and mice exposed to it while natural insecticides did not kill all the mosquitoes and affected only a few mice. Read More>
The study shows that there is a difference between the effects of different insecticides on insects and higher life-forms.